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  • This is the page for you then!

Behind the scenes we have volunteers who make up the backbone of FangCon. Any amount of time you can give is helpful, whether it's an hour or all day. We also like to give our volunteers tokens of our appreciation which can include exclusive prints, t-shirts, and other goodies that will be determined closer to the con date. These rewards will be based on the number of hours you dedicate to volunteering.

How to Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering, please click this link to sign up! 

This form lets us get to know you and what area you can best help with.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Timber Wolf at wolf_wise@msn.com.


You can also sign up at registration just indicate to onsite staff that you wish to volunteer and we'll steer you in the right direction!


  • Help out with special events such as the fursuit games, dances, and Furry Drama Show

  • Act as a stage hand helping pre set props and assisting performers get on stage

  • Able to enjoy the entertainment while working


  • Walk around the hotel and specifically the convention area to keep the con problem free

  • Watch over equipment, etc.

  • Check badges at the Dealer's Den

  • Special security Tees.

  • Make sure that people attending the con have been properly registered

  • Make sure no one is at a panel/event who shouldn't be there (for example, regular attendees in a super sponsor only event)

  • Get to claim to be a "bouncer"


  • Honorary "Go For"

  • Asked to help out with odd jobs as needed

  • Aids the other departments

Art Auction Personel

  • Make sure all pieces have enough bid papers

  • Collect proceeds on last day of the con and turn the charity percentage in to Draconis and make sure the artists receives their cut.

  • If we run an adult portion-check badges to make sure that attendees are over the age of 18+ before letting them enter the adult portion.

  • Make sure art is securely hung on display and make sure no one steals the pieces on auction.

  • Art Auction hours are from 10am - 6pm Fri. Sat. and Sun.  Looking to schedule volunteers during that time

**Art Auction Personel Volunteers will receive a special gift after reaching 5 hours of active volunteer time from Art Auction chief.**


Photograph is provided by Froboy's Frotagraphy.

Photograph is provided by Shelby Allen

Con Suite

  • Make sure the area stays nice and clean

  • Keep food and drinks stocked up

  • Let staff members know if supplies are running low


  • Help prepare attendee goodie bags

  • Assist con-goers with the registration process

  • Uses the computer and printer for badges

Want to do More?

Is volunteering not enough to show your support to FangCon? Then we hope that you'll consider being a panelist. Panels greatly improve the con experience. If you'd like to run a panel, please email Draconis at JesterJaguar@gmail.com and cc Keefur at mike@pawpadprinting.com with your panel idea.

Setup/Tear Down

  • Needed Thursday afternoon to Friday morning for setup

  • Needed Sunday night to Monday afternoon for tear down

  • More physically exerting than most of the other volunteer positions due to the lifting

Game Room

  • Badge checks for those who enter or leave the game room

  • Keep an eye on the games being loaned

  • Store games not being used

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