Dealer's Den

Hours of Operation


Vendor Prep: 9am - 12pm

Open To The Public: 12pm - 6pm


Vendor Prep: 9am - 10am

Open To The Public: 10am - 6pm


Vendor Prep: 9am - 10am

Open To The Public: 10am - 5pm

*please note during Vendor Prep only Vendor and Assistants are allowed into the Dealer Den.  Also the Dealer Den will shutdown for 30 minutes on Friday for Opening Ceremonies so that all attendees may attend--the Dealer's Den will be locked and secure during this time.

Photograph is provided by Shelby Allen

Artist Alley

Dealer Den Costs

Hours of Operation

Den Registration deadline:

January 31st


Den registration reserves the right to end early if table space is filled up--BOOK EARLY!

Dealer Den tables are approximately 72" x 36". Extra tables will not be available after the dealer den registration has closed.

  • One table - $65

  • Two tables - $110 (Save $20)

  • Three tables - $160 (Save $35)

  • four or more tables - Please Email Us

  • Electricity - $10 additional charge per booth


*You can use a power strip but any other booths using that power strip are expected to pay the cost also.

Booths and tables only along the walls will (most likely be supplied with Electrical.*

The Artist Alley is a place for artists to draw and sell their art.

  • Half table at Artist Alley - $5 /per day

Just submit your payment to our artist alley staff member

Artist Alley Costs

Artist Alley time is dependent on when you purchase/rent a half table til either when you leave for that day or til midnight of that day.

Additional Artist Alley Information

  • The charge is by the day lasting till you leave the table, sorry no saving spaces. Your time on the table lasts till Midnight.

  • There will be electrical access, but it is shared with other artists. Bring a power strip if in doubt.

  • For a small fee, lamination will be available to the artists.

  • No "friends" are allowed to take up table space and "donate" that space to you.

  • If you leave your space, please let the artist ally supervisor know. Bathroom and water breaks are permitted, within reason. Spaces that are seen to be empty for extended periods of time shall, at the discretion of the artist alley supervisor, have any items left at the booth collected and held for return to their owner to free up needed space.

  • Be polite to your customers, other artists, staff, and volunteers.

  • Watch for red badges (minors) if you work on any non-PG art.

  • Artists are responsible for collecting any and all sales taxes due for their efforts, and by participating in the artist alley do hereby render FangCon harmless for the collection of any and all taxes, penalties, or fines that may be levied by the city of Birmingham or the state of Alabama as a result of such activities.

*By registering to be a Vendor/Dealer in the Dealer's Den or Artists Alley you acknowledge and promise to abide by the Vendor Rules and Regulations regardless of whether you've read them or not.  You further agree to be bound by said rules by registering as a Dealer in Dealer's Den or Artist Aley.

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