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2020 Guests of Honor


Max DeGroot, also known as Max Goof and Dipper Draper is a puppeteer, musician, and stand-up comic who lives in Dublin, Ohio, USA. He is now retired from employment, and at 66 years old, is one of the oldest furries you are likely to meet.

Of all his puppet characters, Max is best known for Ozark, a gruff-talking redneck sheepdog with a straw hat inseparably glued or sewn onto his head. Some rumors say that the hat is there to hide male-pattern baldness, extremely rare among sheepdogs. Ozark often performs with Hayseed, an equally unsophisticated raccoon who sports a John Deere ball cap. Other puppet characters include Twitch, and airhead ferret, and George, a chimpanzee who specializes in deconstruction.

He is also known for his parodies and folk. He recorded his first parody, The Ferret National Anthem, in 2004, and there it sat until 2008, when he recorded his second parody, Campaign News. Since then, he has recorded more parodies and funny music. Max's first public performance of his work occurred in October of 2009, and he has since rocketed to obscurity. He did manage to hit Dr. Demento's Top Ten for March, April, and May 2010 with "Census" and it managed to end up as the #3 song of the year for 2010. He returned to the Funny 25 in 2013 at #7 with "I'll Lose Weight" and in 2015 with "Spicy".

In February of 2011, he began a project known as The Beach Bears Story, which is a series of audio plays with music. After a total of 205 chapters made, Max ended the Beach Bears Story in June 2018. But beginning at the same time he is now working on a continuation of the story that takes place several years after the Beach Bears story called Life Goes On. That story is now his new ongoing project.


Max DeGroot