Want to help out the convention and turn a profit at the same time?

The Fangcon Art Show/Auction is the perfect place to do this.  The Art Show collects pieces from interested artists and displays them in the Art Show for attendees to see and bid on.  If an attendee is interested in making a bid they simply add their name to the bid form attached to the piece and fill out their bid as well as pertinent information.  On the last day of the convention bids are collected from the bidees.

Artist Participation Information:

  • You must be registered to join the art show

  • Art pieces must be submitted Thursday at the start of the convention

  • 10% of proceeds goes to the convention and 90% goes to the artist or to charity if the artist wants.

  • You must be available Sunday to receive your proceeds.

  • You must own the art, if it is one of your reprints please sign the print.

  • Work must be PG, however, if we get enough volunteers for a NSFW or R-rated section we may add that in.  Please keep some pieces aside if you'd like to enter the NSFW section, inquire at the convention if it is available.

Hitoru, our Art Show chief will be taking submissions Thursday, (3pm - 5pm) in the Dealer's Den.  You must get your submissions in during this time.

Bidders' Information:

  • You must be registered to bid on art show pieces

  • You must fill out the bidder information on the bid form

  • You must be available Sunday so we can collect the proceeds from you, please make sure the phone number on the bid sheet is one we can reach you at on Sunday.

  • We prefer exact cash when we collect the bid amount if you need to use a card we will call you and direct you to registration for collection.

  • Bidding closes Sunday afternoon at 12pm, if you won you will receive a phone call around that time.  Please have your bid amount ready.

Art Show / Auction

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