Eddie Bear


Eddie was introduced to mascotting during a summer job at Kings Island near Cincinnati between his junior and senior year of college. After graduation, he continued to perform part time for offsite events, until he moved to SC to pursue his career as an Architect.


 Fast forward to 2010, and the desire to have a full body costume for Halloween resulted in the creation of a railroad engineer bear costume who was later to become known as Eddie Bear. Shortly after, Eddie Bear became the mascot for the soon to open Miniature World of Trains. After the acquisition of his English sheep dog character, Shaemus McDuff became the mascot for the Scottish Highland Games in Greenville, SC.


Eddie discovered the furry fandom while surfing the internet, built his first fur suit in 2012 and attended FWA 2013. After the passing of his wife from cancer, Eddie became more involved with the fandom, continued to build fur suits for friends and began expanding his personal collection of characters. He hosted his first instructional panels at Fangcon 2014, and has continued to host panels at other conventions.

Eddie has performed at various charity and community events across the southeast, and is an active fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and the ALS Association.

Nash The Red Panda

Air Brush Artist

Nash The Red Panda is an Airbrush Artist from North Carolina.  You can check him out at Myrtle Beach if you're in the area!  He's a frequent con-goer who "lives to celebrate life everyday" and takes his company: Pawpad Airbrush with him on the road to different cons.  He also did some wonderful work for Fangcon 2016 for the Ludricous Level swag was a dealer in the dealer's den.  You can check him out on Twitter by clicking here: Nash The Red Panda

Photograph is provided by Eddie Bear's Fur Affinity page. The photograph is of Eddie in his different fursonas and the photo was stitched together courtesy of ~Rats-eye-view

Photograph is provided by Froboy's Frotagraphy.


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