My friends convinced me to post of FurAffinity, and at first I resisted because I am kind of slow when it comes to computer stuff, and was kind of intimidated by the notion of sharing art on a public forum. I would come to enjoy the back and forth with other artists. I would try posting on other art sites but many of them failed, or their interface was overly complicated, but I am not shy of trying out other venues, and I love seeing art from people all over the world.

For a long long time I had always wanted to do an on-going comic series, but never could find a story that I wouldn't end up losing interest in, and Anime Guy and Dino Buddy (my on-going comic) happened kind of by mistake. I used to try to do that Nanowrimo thing (the write a novel in a month thing), I just really like writing, always have. I think I succeeding doing the required 10k words twice. I know I made it at least once, and Anime Guy and Dino Buddy is actually a mish-mash of all of the better parts of the stories I attempted to write for NanoWriMo. The first Anime Guy and Dino Buddy comic was meant to be a one time deal and a deliberately terrible joke. I liked the characters, though, and did another stinker comic, and decided I needed to keep these two around, and that's the true origin story of Anime Guy and Dino Buddy also known and Ed and Heath

It's only been in the last four or so years that I finally wanted to expand my artistic horizons. I have really very little formal training in art. I picked it up around age four because I was just doing what my big brother did, as is required of all younger siblings. He drew, so I wanted to draw too, although the subject matter was vastly different. He liked drawing the Bionic man's arm. My mom said he must have drawn it hundreds of times, but I also remember my brother taking art very seriously, trying to learn how to draw from books, but I used art as a replacement for toys. Oddly I had little interest in actual toys, but created my own creatures and drew stories on paper with them. My mom luckily saved some of these "story drawings" of mine. It still cracked me up after all these years, as when I was finished with my story I would draw a sign (like a wooden sign) stuck in the ground with the words "The End" on it.

I have been buying books with reference pictures in them to get better at drawing architectural, mechanical and other non cartoon animal related subjects. I originally set out to buy a book with pictures of modern regular cars, but not finding one I ended up drawing a lot of classic cars, especially Mercedes Benz, which (on account of studying them so much) is my favorite classic car. I am still not very good at it yet. I think every artist should never ever become complacent with their current skills, and they should each strive to do better.



Gre7g lives in Alabama with his wife, Kyoht, and a small menagerie of pets. He enjoys writing stories about monsters in love, brews beer that he won’t drink, programs computers that don’t look like computers, and fantasizes about worlds without so many people in them.

“Skeleton Crew” is Gre7g’s third novel. His first two were about werewolves and minotaurs, respectively. He’s written a couple of novellas and a handful of short stories; most of which can be found on his website gre7g.com



Potoroo (Roo for short) is a pink-mohawked musician, podcaster, blogger, con chair and armchair low-budget filmmaker from the Great White North. For a living he helps make musicians famous, having worked first for Universal Music (and great Canadian exports Drake and...Justin Bieber...sorry) and now for Dale Speaking where he has worked with established acts (Alexisonfire, Bush, Tokyo Police Club) and amazing Up & Comers (Megan Lane, The Strumbellas, Jess Moskaluke.) He has performed in bands and as a solo act since the mid-90s, a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, keyboards, bass, banjo, accordion and singing. His recent project has him releasing a series of songs inspired by bad horror movies, which he calls 'B-Folk.'

Potoroo is Benevolent Dictator (tm) of Canada's Camp Feral, the World's oldest outdoor furry event and fourth longest lasting convention in history, where he has incorporated themes of summer camp slasher flicks and b-movies in it's annual themed web series. As host of the Fuzzy Notes podcast he has featured over two hundred songs made by furry musicians. Previously, he has acted in dozens of stage productions, three low-budget gay comedies, and one ultra low-budget black and white silent horror movie.

You can find Potoroo on TwitterFacebookYouTube and...of course...FurAffinity.

Jase Husky


Jase has been a furry since 1995 after seeing furry art on furnation.com. Jase went to his first convention in 2005, MFM. He got his second revision of Jase in 2006 in time for MFM and since that day he has loved to entertain people and help with charities, and also to make people smile. Jase works as a computer tech, and on the side he fixes electronic devices, works on cars, and sometimes fursuits for charity or special organizations. Never try and let your disabilities get you down, you can overcome most anything with love and friendship and the support of your friends.

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