H. Kyoht Luterman


H. Kyoht Luterman, or Ky as her friends call her, is a professional fantasy and paleo illustrator who specializes in dinosaur reconstruction and character design. She graduated from Pratt Institute of Art with a BFA in Illustration back in 2000 and since then has been working as a full time artist. Preferring traditional media, her artwork is typically done in graphite and acrylic paint. Horror, fantasy, wildlife and nature are where she finds inspiration, and these are themes which can be found throughout her portfolio.

Ky currently lives in northern Alabama with her husband and their small collection of mammalian and reptilian pets. She enjoys hiking, role play games, piling rocks into stacks, collecting animal bones, and otherwise getting dirt under her fingernails. She can sometimes be found enjoying a good beer with her friends over a game of darts.

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